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Live Nation Reorganizes

22 Nov

Concert giant Live Nation Entertainment Inc. has disclosed the departure of global music chief executive Jason Garner, who will be succeeded by a trio of executives with regional responsibilities, company spokesperson Liz Morentin confirmed.

Veteran concert promoters Mark Campana and Bob Roux will divide the North American market — Roux will handle the South from his office in Houston and Campana with handle markets in the north from Chicago. Rick Franks will oversee strategy for concert tours from his Detroit office.

Additionally, Ron Bension, formerly president of Tickets Now, has been named CEO of Live Nation’s House of Blues and club division. He will be based in Los Angeles, reporting directly to Rapino. — Linda Deckard and Dave Brooks

Contact: Liz Morentin, (310) 975-6860


Live Nation Arenas Signs First Deal with Conseco Fieldhouse

18 Oct

Celebrating at the Eagles concert, booked at Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, under a new management consultant agreement with Live Nation Arenas, are Conseco’s Rick Fuson; Live Nation Entertainment Chairman Irving Azoff; Rick Franks, Live Nation Detroit; Live Nation Arenas President Mike Evans; Live Nation’s Marty Bechtold, and Collin Hodgson, Frontline Management.

As of Oct. 1, Live Nation Arenas has become the management consultant at Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, working for Pacers Sports & Entertainment of the National Basketball Association. Live Nation has hired Marty Bechtold as the man on the ground.

Bechtold had the same role with AEG Facilities, which signed a similar, now expired deal in 2007. The first event there under the new agreement with Live Nation Arenas was an Eagles concert held last night.

The management consultant agreement calls on Live Nation Arenas to “drive content and drive revenue,” said Mike Evans, president of Live Nation Arenas.
This marks a new era for Live Nation Entertainment and its Arenas division and is not limited to booking and promoting events. The arena continues to be open to all promoters, Evans said.

“It does not mean clean the floor, but anything that has to do with booking, marketing, production, ticketing, suites, sponsorships, merchandise and food and beverage” is now in the sights of Live Nation Arenas. They will work with Levy Restaurants, arena concessionaire, and Ticketmaster, arena ticketing firm, and, of course, the Pacers organization. Each contract, Evans noted, will vary in its areas of responsibility.

“Rick Franks in our Detroit office is focused on a region. I am focused on one building now,” Evans said. “Rick Fuson (arena executive director) now has a senior person at Live Nation lobbying for Conseco Fieldhouse.”

Live Nation Entertainment has an amphitheater in the market, Verizon Wireless Music Center, Noblesville, Ind., with Dan Kemer and Tom Mendenhall on board there. Irving Azoff, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, “is very supportive” of the new outreach and has a history in private management from the L.A. Coliseum and Sports Arena days when he had a piece of the action there through MCA Concerts. “We own 167 properties (amphitheaters and clubs). The concept of total management is not foreign to us,” Evans said of Live Nation.

Evans said he talks to arena managers daily and concerns tend to be about lack of content and what the future will hold. Evans spent years booking SMG-managed venues, at which time he was more focused on secondary markets. It is no secret that Live Nation Entertainment is focused on major markets. “The major arenas are my audience,” he said. Evans has numerous contacts in all aspects of venues and entertainment and said his job is to get the act to the door, at which point the building makes the deal to get them inside.

With Ticketmaster as an affiliated company, Evans noted Live Nation is prepared, when asked, to consult on ticketing issues, like season ticket packages and future technology. There are nine Live Nation Entertainment regional offices.

Evans emphasized this is not an exclusive booking deal for Live Nation, something that basically spawned the promoter industry 40 years ago. He has a number of holds from AEG Live; he has reached out to Outback Concerts and to Don Fox and to William Morris Endeavor regarding their family shows. He’s trying to lasso a major PBR event for Conseco Fieldhouse in January.

As to priorities, he said, “Yes, we own amphitheaters, but that’s basically a May to September business. We can’t be a summertime business. We have to spread it out over the year.” — Linda Deckard

Interviewed for this story: Mike Evans, (610) 784-5447