Peter Pan Creates Unique Candy Store for Patrons

13 Nov

The candy store for Peter Pan at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, Calif. (Photo by Kristen Bilanko)

The team behind the threesixty presents production of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan have tweaked the merchandise and food experience for the children’s theater show to meet the style of their unique performance.

“We’re not seeking to change the business model, but we wanted to create a high-end environment that matched the uniqueness of our product,” said Ryan Martinez, the head of Revenue for threesixty presents, which has presented long runs of the show in San Francisco and is currently performing under tent at the Orange County Performing Arts Center in Costa Mesa, Calif., through Jan. 2. The show moves to Pemberton Place adjacent to the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta in late January.

Peter Pan’s most unique concessions offering is its candy store, modeled after a London sweet shop with jars of unwrapped treats. Unlike traditional candy shops where candy is weighed, the Peter Pan show sells small takeout boxes — similar to those found at Chinese restaurants — which can be filled to the brim for $6. Ryan said the candy store does between $900-$1,000 worth of sales per show.

“People come with all sorts of creative ways to fill the boxes with as much candy as possible,” joked Martinez, including one clever six-year-old, who circled the perimeter of his candy box with Pixie Sticks, giving his container an additional three inches for stacking candy.

A candy-ologist creates the candy menus for threesixty, and Patina Catering handles the concessions operations — the group works with different catering firms in each city. Martinez said between the candy shop and the food sales, the show does an average per cap between $5-$6. Capacity for the tent is 1,300. Admission ranges from $125 to $40.

Peter Pan also has a comprehensive retail store designed by Linda Berman of Team Isight, which gives the apparel and toys a very contemporary, rebellious feel. One of the top selling shirts features a silhouette of Tinker Bell with the expression “Bad Girl.” Top selling items include children’s t-shirts for $15, adult shirts for $18, fairy dust sets between $4 and $9, fairy wings for $15 and pirate swords for $5.

The items are a unique fit for a unique show, contained in its own traveling tent with a 360-ceiling fitted with a CGI-projector that allows for breathtaking sequences, from twilight flights over 19th century London to mermaid swims in the Neverland Cove.

“The show itself is very unique,” said Martinez.

Martinez and threesixty are also experimenting with other revenue enhancers. In partnership with the hotel Hanford, the show offers one-bedroom suites that come stocked with candy and Peter Pan memorabilia, plus four tickets and transportation to the show. Packages start at $289, while dinner packages include a three-course meal and start at $35 per person.  — Dave Brooks

Interviewed for this article: Andrew Martinez, (323) 954-7510


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