AEG Inks Deals in Glasgow and Paris

29 Sep

Glasgow (Scotland) Arena and Paris Bercy Arena

Contractor: AEG Facilities

Dates: Sept. 21 & Sept. 16

AEG Facilities has signed agreements with two more facilities in Europe: the Scottish National Arena in Glasgow and the Bercy Arena in Paris.

AEG will offer a host of management services for the yet-to-be-completed Glasgow arena, part of the 64-acre Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre, including suite sales, sponsorship and programming and environmental consulting.

“The nice thing about our growth in Europe is that this is another addition to our vision of connecting the major capital markets of the world into a working network,” said Bob Newman, who heads up AEG Facilities. “You can see the puzzle that is coming together is a great mix of major markets.”

AEG has also signed to provide consulting services during the tender process for a significant renovation of the Paris Bercy Arena, a 26-year-old arena that hosts both hockey and major touring performances.

“We’re in the initial phases of studying what can be done, and what the options are,” Newman said. “We plan to touch every area of the venue, from the exterior through the roof with a whole new menu of premium offerings. The great thing about the venue is that it’s not land-locked” and they can make major changes to the exterior as well.

AEG Live brought Euroleague Final Four Basketball to the facility in May. — Dave Brooks

Interviewed for this article: Dan Meis, (310) 963-9633; Bruce Mactaggart, +64 9358 1250; Bob Newman, (213) 763-5425


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