Monster Blog: Lady Gaga Brings Crazy to LA

12 Aug

Lady Gaga - Getty Images

By Vanessa Bentley

Self proclaimed “Freak,” Lady Gaga sang, screamed, howled, panted and cursed her heart out to a delighted audience of “Little Monsters” at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

If there were ever any doubts about her devotion to theatricality, Gaga screams, flails her limbs and even seemed to sob a bit during her performance that exceeded two hours. Gaga excused her craziness claiming it was due to the fact that she had been recording for the past 72 hours and claiming “if I seem a little crazy, that’s because I am a little crazy right now.” Gaga also said she “hates the truth.” The truth of the matter is Gaga’s little monsters thrive on her crazy.

While managing to show her teeth and a lot of skin, Gaga also displayed her musical chops and sheer talent. Gaga wowed the crowd with her very emotionally charged ballad “You and I” even taking the opportunity to unexpectedly belt out lyrics accapella. Along with the intimate Tori Amos-esque piano gyration, Gaga also brought her strictly choreographed dance moves and free spirit energy to the stage with hits such as “Telephone” and “Just Dance.”

Never a dull moment, even Gaga’s wardrobe and set changes were masked by projections of artistically haunting images such as Gaga tearing apart bloody flesh with her teeth. The Lady lived up to her reputation for being fashionably outlandish and fabulous dawning everything from a moving peacock like hat to black, studded bustier.

Although wardrobe played a large part in the theatricality of the concert, the chameleon set was not to be ignored. Gaga led the audience on a journey through a more cynical, modern age Oz. The set was seemingly transformed to depict scenes of a neon lit city street, funky subway train, Hitchcock inspiring forest and blasphemes church complete with a statue of an angel both crying blood and emitting fire from its back.

Gaga made several references to religion throughout her performance, referring to her guitarist throughout the show as Jesus, praying aloud and shouting, “Jesus must love everybody” while thrusting her hips below a scantily, leather clad boy named Michael who apparently “loves American boys and girls.” Despite the fact that she made several references to Christianity, Lady exclaimed, “My religion is my little monsters!” Judging by the heroic, Gaga mimicking costumes and devoted dancing fans, Gaga’s feelings are reciprocated.

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