Lolla Day 3…Cornell Gets All Spoonman On Us

9 Aug

By LiDo

Day 3 of Lollapalooza 2010 started off unlike the previous two – with a gloomy rain cloud over our heads. The light sprinkle was a nice reprieve after two days in the sun, but it didn’t last long, and unfortunately I witnessed no playing in the mud a la Woodstock.

Watching indie rock group Minus the Bear was the perfect way to spend an hour of the afternoon, before grabbing some grub and checking out the effortless groove of Erykah Badu, the experimental sounds of MGMT, and then being transported back to the 90s with Cypress Hill and Soundgarden wrapping up the long weekend.

A stark contrast to Lady Gaga’s show that included props, backup dancers, crazy lighting effects, and pyrotechnics, Soundgarden banged out their old hits with nothing but their instruments, raw vocals and lots of hair. Even the video screens were a vintage black and white, putting the crowd in a perfectly dark and angsty mood. Frontman Chris Cornell said that this was their “millionth time” playing Lollapalooza, but the band’s performance was powerful enough to have been their first.


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