Lolla Day 2 – Partying like it’s 1901

8 Aug

by LiDo

The Lollapalooza hangover has eased after Day Two, although it might be dangerous to get into this type of lifestyle. Recovered from Lady Gaga’s monster ball the night before, I got all copasectic with British rock trio The xx and most of the day was chill music with Canadian indie rock sweethearts Metric, rave-favorite DJ Kaskade and the upbeat French rock band Phoenix. Towards the end, things got a little punked up with East Bay legends Green Day.

Green Day ended up running over their scheduled time slot on the Parkways Stage, and on the opposite side of the park at the Budweiser Stage, Phoenix left the stage about a half hour earlier than expected, only to come back and perform a three-song encore. The high-energy number “1901” sent fans into a fist-pumping frenzy.

Plenty of people were getting their drank on, that’s for sure, but a Chicago police officer described Saturday’s crowd as “peaceful, happy, very chill,” and “very well-mannered.” He explained, “everybody’s just having a great time.


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