World Cup Blog: Quality of Play Goes South in South Africa

22 Jun

Editor’s note: Venues Today magazine has hired University of Florida student Phil Costa to write about his trip to South Africa with students from George Mason University.

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking too good for the African teams in the World Cup.  Along with their home nation, everyone in South Africa has been cheering for the African squads.  The match between Brazil and  the Ivory Coast (or Côt’e D’Ivoire ) was supposed to be one of the top games of the first round, but finished with an unfortunate 3-1 display.

Another unfavorable aspect has been some game changing calls made by the referees.  To highlight a few that have been disappointing:

1) The “3rd goal” that should have been in the U.S. vs. Slovenia match.  This would have given the U.S. the victory and an assured spot in the next round.

2) The goal in the New Zealand vs. Italy game that was a few yards offsides.  New Zealand scored; not exactly favorable for the reigning World Cup champions.

3) Two blatant hand balls in one play, resulting in a goal, for Fabiano of Brazil.  This put the Ivory Coast behind by two goals, and all but eliminated a chance to make a final run in the game.

4)  A handful of red and yellow cards that have sent players off of the field, and suspended them for other games.  Specifically, during the Brazil vs. Ivory Coast and Germany vs. Serbia matches.

Looks like a few refs might be losing their jobs.

Tomorrow I will be traveling back to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium for the Chile vs. Switzerland match.  This has turned out to be a big time game for Group H; the winner should advance to the next round.

Until tomorrow, Cheers.


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