Introducing J. Drew

4 Jun

Current City: North Hollywood

Hometown: San Jose

Aspiring rapper, J. Drew, born Jream Andrew Vales, explains, “I’m in the process of discovering myself” when asked to describe his music.  At the tender age of 19, Vales has long replaced his confused childhood ambitions of growing up to be “That one TV character” with dreams of traveling the world sharing his music.

Though he is nearly in reach of his goal, he knows how important it is to keep it real. “I know this is an issue, since there’s so many people selling rap. I’m young, so this is the best time to push and if the day comes and I have a chance to make it, great. But I’m young and can always go back to school.”

He’s currently focusing on releasing his EP, Casting Call, after which, he hopes to do a high school tour in the United States and climb to the top from there. His little sister, Jasmine Villegas’ record-deal helped him get one foot through the music industry’s door. Having a lot of musical versatility makes J.Drew confident that he can make it with his rap, “My goal and my sound is to talk about relatable subjects in a personal way and keep it trendy and appealing but to also teach something.”

J Drew performs tonight at 7 p.m. at La Mirada Banquet Hall, 15501 Alicante in La Mirada.

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