5 Tips on Becoming a World-Famous Pop Star according to Erika Jayne

28 May

With three tracks reaching the top of the Billboard ‘Dance Club Play’ charts, Erika Jayne is well on her way to dominating the club scene.  The electro-pop singer-songwriter is currently touring extensively throughout the West Coast, Florida, New York and Canada with her debut album “Pretty Mess,” including remixes by noteworthy producers. Though touring has given her the opportunity to visit some amazing cities, Erika can’t pick a favorite, instead insisting, “I tend to have fun everywhere I go. We make fun, if it’s not already there.” Venues Today had the chance to chat with Miss Jayne about the road to pop stardom.

1.  Train, Train, Train… and then Rehearse

And start young! Erika Jayne has been training in both singing and dancing from childhood and, in order to put on the massive production that is her show, she keeps her skills honed with constant rehearsals. When adding a new number or routine, Erika steps up rehearsals to five days a week, noting their importance as the place to “work out all of the kinks.”

2. Surround yourself for success

Erika continually works with well-known producers and directors, as well as other artists. She realizes that working with talented people is “the ball game” and that “you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with.” And that’s not just on the music side— equally important is a good stylist, and skilled hair and make-up artists, and everyone who contributes to stage performance. One vital aspect of pop-stardom is stage presence, a skill that can, in fact, be learned. Though requiring a lot of natural confidence and charisma, communicating on stage also comes from hard work. Erika credits her director, Mikey Minden, as having “taken [her] show and made it so very special.”

3. Nix the Entourage

Instead, make friends with everyone who works the show, because that’s whom you’ll be spending all of your time with. Everyone who tours with Erika is there for a reason. When asked how she picks her entourage, Erika insists, “I don’t!” Instead, of a traditional, unruly entourage, everyone in Erika’s large group of travel companions all do their part. As she says, “if you’re not working, you’re not on the road.”

4. Keep it Personal

Though some pop-princesses allow the business to completely manufacture their image, it’s important to Erika to keep her image personal and to let her personality shine through. She thinks that a ‘look’ should “all come from what’s inside: What do you feel? Who are you? What are you saying? What are you about?” If your image does not represent the answers to these questions, there’s no longer a personal touch.

5. Stay Current and Humble

Erika has very professional social networking websites (Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter, among others) that she uses to stay in touch with her fans. She loves the instant feedback that these avenues provide, creating a “personal relationship between you and the people that buy your music and enjoy it.” Part of creating that connection lies with merchandising. Erika’s merchandise page offers t-shirts to calendars, great ways “to support what you’re into and what you’re all about.” When asked about how it feels to be compared to Madonna, one of the most iconic artists or our time, Erika keeps it simple: “That’s great, but at the end of the day it’s about a lot of hard work and trying to have a good time doing the best work possible.”


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