Concert Review: 30 Seconds to Mars at the Greek Theatre, May 15

19 May

Photos and review by Jessica Boudevin, VT Intern

Jared Leto filled the Greek with bad language and a great show last Saturday night, May 15. The sold-out concert included headlining band 30 Seconds to Mars, along with Shiny Toy Guns, Neon Trees and Street Drum Corps. Each band brought more energy to their performance than the last, with 30 Second to Mars front-man Jared Leto eventually reveling in the audience attention and guiding them like a puppeteer. The crowd indulged his every whim, from holding up phones (the ‘modern day lighter substitute’) to singing along, jumping up and down, to even getting on stage for the last, and most popular song, “Kings and Queens.” With the extreme diversity of the audience, some had more trouble jumping to the beat than others. Fans as young as 12 came out to support the band, and there was an adorable older couple in the seats in front of me. When I asked their age, for thorough reporting purposes only, of course, they kept it vague, only letting on that it was “definitely at least 50 years older than anyone else here!”

Bringing the show down to the audience during an encore, Leto ran up and down the aisles with an acoustic guitar, his ‘pomegranate’ Mohawk swaying. 30 Seconds to Mars focused on filling the Greek ‘s amphitheatre setting with exaggerated theatrics.

The band set up three giant LCD screens of their own that filled the top of  stage and brought an extensive lighting kit for an intriguing, dramatic, back-lit effect; though they also used the screens and lights provided by the Greek.

These bands are involved in some pretty exciting things at the moment. 30 Seconds to Mars’ single “Kings and Queens” have stayed at the top of the Billboard 100 for four weeks in a row and Shiny Toy Guns have created covers of  80s hits, “Major Tom (Coming Home)” and “Burnin’ for You,” for recent Cadillac commercials.


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