Podcast Episode Three Notes

7 May

Venues Podcast

Episode 3 – Music City Underwater

Broadcast date: May 7

This week, Shawn and Dave take a look at the devastating floods that have soaked Nashville and much of the Middle Tennessee region, and we update listeners on the condition of some of Music City’s greatest venues. We also tackle the NBA & NHL Playoffs, with Dave longing for days when the Sacramento Kings were a Western Conference force to be reckoned with, while Shawn explains the nature of the Montreal Canadiens french-influenced nickname. We also tackle tazings in Philly, the economics of the body slam and a possible sports boycott in Arizona. Don’t ask us to our papers cause we left them in the studio.

:50 Playoffs. Playoffs? – Shawn and Dave break down the second round of the NBA playoffs with matchups between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics, as well as matchups for Phoenix, Los Angeles and Orlando. In Hockey, the pair gab on the Penguins/Canadiens series and Sharks/Red Wings.

4:50 Amway Part Duex – Orlando’s new Amway Arena, set to open for the beginning of the 2010/2011 season, has been rewarded the 2011 NBA All-Star Game.

Music – Nino Moschello, If You Believe (You Will Be Strong)

6:35 Three Dimensions of Fun — DirectTV and YES Networks air 3D broadcast of Yankees/Mariners Game. Baseball is first to air a game in three-dimensions, but Shawn and Dave wonder if the experience needs to be improved before it expands

9:20 The Scrilla — Earnings Reports for WWE, and Live Nation debt-restructuring. Is the newly merged music giant overleveraged?

Music — Broken Bells, “October”

13:26 FEATURE STORY — Music City underwater. A 500-year flood kills over 20 mid-Tennessee residents and destroys a number of Music City venues including the city’s largest meeting center, the Grand Opryland resort. We check in with LP Field, Bridgestone Arena and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

More: VT Nashville Venues Report

Music — Kitty Wells, “Searching (For Someone Like You)”

18:04 Show Me Your Papers — Dave and Shawn break down the impact of Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigration. Are the Los Suns here to stay? Will Arizona lose the Mid-Summer Classic. Will Shakira help us figure this out before it’s too late?

More: ABC News report on potential boycotts of the Grand Canyon State

Music — Manu Chao, “Clandestino”

24:18 Go Out or Stay Home – Shawn picks Free Energy & Jukebox, drops a diss-bomb on this year’s Ozzfest lineup. Dave says grab tickets for Country Throwdown tour, but skip MGMT run (and see Phoenix instead)

Music – Phoenix, “Fences”

28:50 Can I Dad? Please! — Philly fan changes game day operations by running out on the field, only to be stopped by a tazer? Are there any boundaries for MLB when it comes to taking people off the field (besides busting a cap). And why did this particular fan call his dad first for permission before charging the green.

More: ESPN video of Philly Fan getting tasered

Music – Pink Floyd, “The Happiest Days of Our Lives”

Soundcheck — Intern Jessica Boudevin announces the new Roger Water’s tour for famed Pink Floyd album “The Wall.”

– The End –

Recording date: May 6

Commentary by Dave Brooks, senior writer and assignment editor for Venues Today Magazine, and Shawn Gault, owner of Venue Gurus.


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