Wolfmother Swaps Drummers Mid-tour

23 Apr

Drummer Will Rockwell-Scott joins Wolfmother

Australian rock band Wolfmother is seeing some changes in the middle of their current Cosmic Egg tour. The award-winning band has been through a few incarnations throughout their decade-long career, now containing just one original member—vocalist and guitarist Andrew Stockdale. Drummer Dave Atkins joined Wolfmother in 2009 and proved instrumental to the sound of their latest album, “Cosmic Egg.” Atkins enjoyed his time with the group but, unfortunately, being a member of a successful, festival-playing and world-touring rock band has it’s own rigorous demands

Wolfmother recently announced that Atkins will no longer be touring with Wolfmother, but he may return to the studio with them in the future. Though previous changes in the band’s line-up were spurred by artistic differences, Atkins chose to leave the tour in order to devote more time to his home life. The extensive tour schedule simply was not leaving him enough time to enjoy his family. The drummer is parting ways with Wolfmother on amicable terms and, upon the decision, the band auditioned some Los Angeles-based drummers. Will Rockwell-Scott (formerly of ‘Mooney Suzuki’ and ‘Har Mar Superstar’) has stepped up to the drum set as Wolfmother’s new touring drummer to finish off the band’s “Cosmic Egg” tour. They have a full touring schedule the next few months, making the most of the festival circuit in Europe, the United States and Australia. Find out shows near you at www.wolfmother.com.


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