They said it here first: Golden Gods Black Carpet

16 Apr

On Thursday, Venues Today magazine was dispatched to the Golden God Awards at Club Nokia at L.A. Live. Each year, Revolver Magazine spends over $100,000 to put on the heavy metal awards show, which will be broadcast on VH1 Classic on May 22.

The Golden Gods Awards have become the marque industry event in the U.S. for heavy metal and hard rock, and luminaries like Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Mustaine, Slash, Dave Grohl and Rob Halford were all in attendance for the awards show and concert, headlined by Rob Zombie.

Reporter Dave Brooks caught up with some of the biggest names in heavy metal while working the event’s “black carpet,” a wicked spin on Hollywood’s typically red affair. Below are some gem quotes from his interviews, which will appear on an upcoming podcast for Venues Today.

“Not a lot of people treat metal like the music that is, so it’s nice to get this distinction. The more society becomes open-minded about tattoos and heavy metal, the easier it gets to expand our audience.”

– Reality television star Kat Von D on the growing prominence of heavy metal and hard rock.

“It’s about time we got some recognition. I’ve done the Grammys and other award shows, but you rarely hear anything that loud. The volume is too damn low. I want them to turn it up!”

– Alice Cooper, who just wrapped up a tour of Australia and New Zealand with his band.

“Any time I tell people that I was nominated for a Golden God award, I’m pretty sure they think I’m lying. We’re up against Metalica, Motorhead and Rob Zombie. It’s a little bewildering to think that our band could get grouped in with those guys.”

— Mike Hranica of band The Devil Wears Prada on being nominated for Best Live Music Award

“These things are always cool because everybody knows everyone else. They’ve had stuff like this in Europe for years, so it’s nice to finally have something in the U.S.”

– Zakk Wylde, former guitarist to Ozzy Osbourne and founder of Black Label Society

“All I’m bringing is some sun screen. It’s a punk rock tour. What else would I need?”

— Alexia Rodriguez from the band Eyes Set To Kill, which is set to play on Warped Tour this summer.

“There definitely is a place for metal on television right now. Remember when 80s metal was huge? If you had a Cinderella record back in the day, you’ll probably like what we’re doing.”

— Comedian Chris Posehn, last year’s host for the Golden Gods. Posehn is a launching a new show on Comedy Central with Steel Panther

“We’re looking at a two-year tour right now. Non-stop. That’s just how we like to do it. We start in the U.S. for six weeks, then Europe for six weeks, then Japan and Australia and then back to the U.S. for an end of the summer tour that I would love to tell you about, but just hasn’t been announced yet.”

-Vinnie Paul, former guitarist for Pantera and frontman for new metal supergroup Hellyeah.


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