11 Apr

Last night the Venues Today podcast team taped its second visit to the Black Carpet during Revolver Magazine’s Golden God Awards for hard rock and heavy metal. The Golden Gods are an award show and rock showcase for all things metal, with Rob Zombie headlining and performances by  As I Lay Dying, The Devil Wears Prada and a reunited Fear Factory.

How can the heavy metal industry celebrate when the rest of the music business is in the tank? Metal albums are usually smaller releases, which means less risk for the labels and less file-sharing. Our sound engineer Robbie Schmidt says he still buys CDs just so he can understand the lyrics. And most bands still make the bulk of their money from the live show, which have generally lower priced tickets and more loyal fan base.

And metal has something that sub-cultures like punk and rap don’t — cohesion, and it all starts with Ozzy. Revolver Magazine brought back Ozzy Osbourne for the second year in a row, and then came Slash. He didn’t do a lot of interviews, but he did stop to talk with Dave Grohl, Marilyn Manson and Jonathan Davis from Korn at last night’s black carpet. Our Podcast team landed interviews with Alice Cooper, Zakk Wylde of Black Label Society, Pantera’s Vinnie Paul, Kat Von D and Slayer’s Kerry King. We’ll put up the podcast in a few days on our iTunes site.


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